Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Well that was a long pause wasn't it? What I thought was going to be a short amount of time to get some things that weren't going all to well straightened out took longer than expected. I mean when it rains it pours and boy did I have a river just come down on me.

 Not to take things to a whole bore snooze fest but a lot had to do with family and figuring things out lots of moving parts to get settled down. Things are slowly starting to get back together and I am slowly getting my grove back. With that being said I needed to make this blog my priority again. I mean I know before I left and took my brake I had only posted a few times but I LOVED each time I did it. 

With that being said some exciting news happened to my boyfriend and I over the past few weeks. We were approved to purchase our first home. Exciting and terrifying all rolled into one huge heap of news, talk about ulcer city.

 To all the first time home buyers I now know all the nerves and excitement you have been experiencing and have experienced. When we found out we immediately started to make a list of what we wanted in a house nothing to outrageous (no castle this time) and the location we wanted to live at. We currently reside in Central Phoenix and that is our first choice, our second choice is North Phoenix a little closer to work (I would love to be able to ride my bike to work).

 Our weekends are consumed with looking at homes and touring them and then going home making a pro/con list and what we can and can not live with/without. I didn't realize how meticulous we were in noticing everything good/bad with a house we looked at. Were giving ourselves time to find the right house for us in hopes to grow a little family there.

We don't want to rush into anything were waiting to walk into a house and say yep this is it. I am really excited to get this blog back up and fully running. I needed my eyes and my mind to reset and I know that I at a good speed to be doing this again. Thanks again y'all!!! -Xochitl xoxo

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