Friday, July 11, 2014

FBF: New York

 It's the weekend and I am very excited I get to do a lot of hanging out by the pool, catch up on my celebrity gossip, see my friends and shop (duh). As I got chores done today I came across a postcard from a friend who is backpacking through Europe and one of her stops was in New York. It made me reminisce when my boyfriend and I went in September for the first time. It is by far one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to. We lucked out went when we went because it was when New York Fashion Week was there, it was awesome just to experience that even if it was just outside watching the shows on the big screen they had. From the moment we landed we were on the go we didn't care about any jet lag we just wanted to experience everything from the city that never sleeps. We did so much and saw so much from eating pizza at Ray's in Time Square and sitting on the red stairs, being followed by the naked cowboy, going to see Lady Liberty, Central Park, 5th Ave, catching a Yankee's game and oh so much more. The 4 days we were there were just enough to get my pallet wet for more New York I really can't wait to go back.


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